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Eradicate Midges with the Mosquito Magnet®

You can run the Mosquito Magnet®, (also known as the Midge Magnet in Scotland), 24 hours a day throughout the midge season, to capture the day-biting, as well as the night-biting blood sucking flying insects safely without the use of pesticides. 

The Mosquito Magnet® mimics human or mammal breath by catalytically converting Propane gas to carbon dioxide with heat and moisture. This, when combined with an additional attractant, Octenol, is irresistible to the biting female midges, mosquitoes, clegs, black flies, sand flies, birch flies and other blood-sucking flying insects. Counterflow Technology™ -  American Biophysics Corp. in America, with around fourteen years of practical trapping experience, have patented this scientifically proven technic for trapping these biting insects. Whilst the machine emits the flow of carbon dioxide, heat and moisture to attract midges and mosquitoes, it simultaneously vacuums up the attracted insects into a net where they dehydrate and die.

Three well-proven models are now suitable for use in the United Kingdom: - 

Happy customers in Scotland have reported regularly trapping over one million midges in a night and 2,500,000 midges (2 1/2 lbs in weight) were collected in one net! In Inverness-shire one machine trapped 3.7 million midges in one day! We strongly suggest you visit 'Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)' for further information.

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